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Tuesday, April 11 (4:11)

Hebrews: Let us therefore make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one may fall through such disobedience as theirs.

Iris planted in the fall, came up at Easter!

Happy Easter season or Eastertide! For the next fifty days, until Pentecost, we will celebrate the season of Easter. During this time, the Acts of the Apostles are read during Mass, and if you've never thought of reading scripture, consider reading Acts.

Apologies for being a bit radio silent for the past few days. I began writing the blog for Good Friday and couldn't because anything I could have written would have fallen short of the solemnity of Jesus' death on the cross. Quite honestly, anything I could have written for Holy Saturday, Easter, and Easter Monday would have fallen short as well. So we begin again.

For me, today brought a renewed sense of purpose, blog purpose. As you know, I've closed my shop and will be exploring for a bit, seeing where and how the next chapter unfolds. You never know when I'll be knocking on your door.

Since isolating the verses by month and day came to me in Livingston, and from there this blog started, I believe it's best to honor this whole experience with a daily verse and reflection.

Today's verse from Hebrews reaffirmed my meditation. The time spent in silence, focusing on each chakra, silently reciting the Our Father prayer and the intentions, brings clarity and purpose. At the end of each chakra, portion of the Our Father prayer, and intentions, I offer each section to God and me, family and friends, the whole world, and future generations, because I've heard it said that when we pray, we should offer it up beyond ourselves, because we are all connected. I also believe that our prayers are acted on as soon as we pray. So, when people ask that we pray for them and we do so immediately, it is heard and acted upon by the angels.

Today, may we enter into that rest/meditation with God and pray for ourselves and for others.

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