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May 4, Matthew 5:4

Matthew: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Our favorite restaurant is temporarily closed because two people died from the food served. In disbelief and shock, a friend and fellow foodie talked about how this could have even happened. If you're in the food business, the hoops you jump through are daunting, from loads of paperwork and training to annual inspections.

My heart went out to the families of those two individuals. Typically, if you're going out to dinner, you're celebrating; sometimes, just being with someone else is a cause for celebration. You get home, and something's not right, so off to the hospital you go, and in two separate instances, a loved one was lost. Those families must be devastated.

The verse today promises comfort to those who mourn. Mourning isn't just for the loss of a loved one but can be anything, putting yourself out there, only to be shut down, getting older, experiencing a shift in a relationship, or drawing boundaries. Our Lord provides comfort, and on that promise, we can trust.

Today, may we pray for those who are in need of prayer, for those who mourn, for the mourning in our own lives, for our family and friends, the whole world, and future generations. May we all be comforted.

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