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Thursday, March 30 (3:30)

John: He must increase, but I must decrease.”

This verse is from John the Baptist, talking about Jesus. What would happen if we all took that stance, letting Jesus increase while we decrease? What would happen if we let Jesus take the wheel, not just in emergencies? I have to think the world would be a better place.

As you know, my store is closing tomorrow. A business neighbor came in and gave me a book. He's given it to me once before, and since it's so small that I read it in one sitting and passed it along. I started rereading it, and some of the stories really stuck out. One such story is from Wayne Muller's book, Legacy of the Heart, about a Vietnamese folktale. "In hell, everyone is given an abundance of food, and then given chopsticks that are a yard long. Each person has all the food they need, but because the chopsticks are too long, the food never reaches their mouths.

"In heaven, the image is exactly the same: Everyone is given an abundance of food, and their chopsticks are also a yard long. But in heaven, the people use their chopsticks to feed one another. A single act of compassion can instantly transform hell into heaven."

Also, the book has a story about Mother Teresa, when she was asked what one thing would change lives. "Smile at each other. Make time for each other, enjoy each other," she replied.

Jesus, today may we decrease while you increase. May we let you take the wheel and guide us to compassion and put others first.

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