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Thursday, March 16 (3:16)

2 Thessalonians: Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.

The other night I had the strangest dream, actually a beautiful dream. I dreamt that I had a jar of serum and was supposed to give a little to many people to help them, to ease their pain and whatnot. A man with an open wound on his shoulder appeared to me, and I poured a little serum on his wound. It helped him, but I knew it would not be enough, as many others needed help.

Shortly after, the man's mother appeared and insisted I give him more serum. I tried to explain that many others needed help but that I would give him a little more. I said a prayer thanking God for healing the man, whatever that looked like. God's healing may have been to bring the man home, gone from this world but safe in his father's home, or perhaps it was a wound that healed quickly or that the man's suffering could help others.

As I distributed the serum and offered a loving, healing, or prayer of mercy, the jar remained full of serum. I felt like the widow and her son when Elijah asked her to make him some food from what little oil and flour she had. When she explained that it was the last that she had, Elijah insisted that she make some for him first. She complied, and the flour and the oil didn't run out.

The dream changed to a friend and I walking in an orchard, and we talked about the phenomenon we both experienced, that there seemed to be an endless reservoir of serum or love, when we offered prayer first. It felt a little like tithing, by giving those first fruits (in this case, prayer), there is always enough, somehow, somewhere.

My dog woke me from this amazing dream and wanted to go outside. He hadn't woken me like that in weeks, so it was somewhat unexpected. I happened to look at the clock, and it read 3:16 am.

Today's verse speaks to me of the endless reservoir of God's peace, just like His love and grace, endless and abundant. May our lives today be filled with God's abundant grace.

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