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Saturday, March 25 (3:25)

Galatians: But now that faith has come, we are no longer subject to a disciplinarian,

Today is my mom's birthday. Growing up, she wasn't the disciplinarian, she left that to my dad. While both taught me about faith, Mom was gentler and more nurturing, whilst dad was more serious and stern.

I believe we choose our parents to learn the lessons we need to learn in this life. I also believe that parents do their best to raise their children. I see many young people blame their parents for the wrongs in their lives. Yet, once we realize that our parents are our parents so we can learn the lessons we need to learn, we might offer gratitude.

Once there is faith, there is a desire to do good and be giving and kind. Once we realize that God is loving and merciful, the desire to do wrong disappears. We create our own discipline because we long to please the Lord. We begin to take responsibility for our own actions, no longer blaming others and living for others.

Today, may we realize that faith is a gift. Thank you, Mom, for being a gift to me and to all those you encounter. Thank you also for your faith in God, family, and friends.

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1 Comment

Marina Carney
Marina Carney
Mar 25, 2023

Thank you Sasha that is beautiful! I am very touched! Mom

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