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Monday, March 27 (3:27)

John: John answered, “No one can receive anything except what has been given from heaven.

Receiving can be challenging for some, perhaps even many. Many are very comfortable with taking; taking advantage, taking charge, taking time, and taking our energy. Sometimes I wish those people would take a hike or take a chill pill.

Receiving is a very different story. This past weekend a dear friend visited, and we went to Faye's, my favorite breakfast place (according to People Magazine, apparently Montana's favorite breakfast place). We trekked through twelve inches of snow to get there, and it didn't disappoint.

Rob, who's a regular around town and a magician, entertained us whilst Sarah created something amazing! He's quite a wonder. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, and the rehabilitation specialist brought him a deck of cards to practice dealing out cards. He dealt a card as he spelled out whatever card it was, ie, ace of spades, queen of hearts, etc. That led to him being a magician and a very good one at that.

I gave him a little money because he had spent so much time with us (and he taught us a few tricks). He said, "I need to be better at receiving," and he took the bill.

Today, may we be open to receiving all God's gifts.

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