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April 24, Ephesians 4:24

Ephesians: and to clothe yourselves with the new self, created according to the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.

Who doesn't like new stuff? Even if it's used but new to you, it's exciting, and you tend to take special care of it because it's new.

The verse from Ephesians yesterday was, "..and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds," and both verses talk about the renewal of spirit in our minds and our entire beings. To align ourselves more closely with God, who gave us everything and continues to do so. That is the new self.

Yesterday, my pup, Lucy, ran into me. She took me completely off-guard, and I didn't see it coming, or I would have at least braced myself for the impact. She was launching herself after a ball a young boy was throwing for her, and she hit me right in my knee just as she was starting off.

Lucy is just a year and a half old, so she is literally made up of completely new-self energy. Everything is new to her, and she goes after life (and balls) with zeal and enthusiasm. On the other hand, Rudy is two and a half and much more subdued. He tries to train her as much as possible.

My old self limped away with the dogs trailing after me. I was upset with her but didn't scold her because I knew she didn't do it on purpose. I think she was so intent on the ball and didn't know I was there. My newer self was more relieved that it was me that she ran into and not someone else. I iced and elevated it and took an anti-inflammatory. I can walk on it, but occasionally, I feel a twinge if it's in the wrong position. That knee had been making popping sounds for months, so if it continues not feeling great, I will have it looked at.

Later that night, I dreamed that a wolf and a coyote were running toward me in a field. The wolf turned toward the coyote and bit him. I opened my eyes immediately, knowing in my heart that there was great significance to that dream.

The next morning, I looked up the meaning of the animals in my dream, and the wolf symbolizes intuition and spiritual guidance. The coyote represents troublemaking and mischief. I believe this was Divine guidance letting me know to trust my intuition and spiritual guidance.

Isn't that taking on the new self? Trusting God, who can do anything.

Today, may we experience our God-designed, new selves and be open to possibilities and guidance.

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