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April 22, Mark 4:22

Mark: For there is nothing hidden, except to be disclosed; nor is anything secret, except to come to light.

Some days the verses and thoughts coincide effortlessly, and words flow. On other days, the verses are challenging, and thoughts come as if driving over a washboard dirt road on a muddy day. Those days (today), words dribble slowly and seem clunky.

While I much prefer the flow, sometimes some of the best stuff is what we muddle through. Perhaps the stuff we muddle through is the hidden stuff, the stuff that doesn't flow until it's been disclosed or revealed.

God knows all our hidden stuff, our secrets, even better than we do. What happens when we bring those hidden secrets into the open and let God's loving light shine upon them? At that moment, everything changes, the secret loses its energy and takes on the energy of love (frequency 528), and healing begins.

If we are brave enough to be vulnerable and expose our secrets, flaws, shortcomings, fears, sins, and doubts, then the Holy Spirit can get to work and heal. Then the words begin to flow, and that energy can expand for the good.

Today, may we be brave enough to bring our troubles and struggles to the Lord, and may the light of God's love heal us.

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