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April 21, 1 Corinthians 4:21

1 Corinthians: What would you prefer? Am I to come to you with a stick, or with love in a spirit of gentleness?

My sister and mother tell a story of a woman who pointed to one of her children or her husband and said, "You are a-dorable, and you make me so d-mad."

I'm spending the night in a Super 8 with my two pups. It's the first time they have ever spent the night in a hotel/motel. It's a short trip, but I wanted to see how they'd do in a hotel. They are mostly doing okay, but they are such good watch dogs that they growl or bark at the slightest noise or person walking past.

The story applies most definitely to them as they are both a-dorable and sometimes they make me so d-mad. The verse also applies as "with love in a spirit of gentleness" is my preferred mode of discipline with the pups (and children), but there are those times when they (pups and people) make me so d-mad. I feel like I need to cut them (pups and people) a little slack just because, in general, they are really good dogs (and children). Sure, they still jump up when they shouldn't, but the more I've been home with them, the better they are (dogs and children).

Today, may we approach everyone with love in a spirit of gentleness and see what happens.

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