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Tuesday, March 14 (3:14)

1 Peter: But even if you do suffer for doing what is right, you are blessed. Do not fear what they fear, and do not be intimidated,

I was conversing yesterday about fear and how it can paralyze us. It could stem from the lack of control that can produce fear. Anything that deviates from their norm causes worry, concern, and fear. It narrows their vision only to see the things of this world, restricting the infinite lens.

We all go through times of fear and sometimes a need for control, but I've found that the more I surrender to God's will, the more peace I have. In my life, fear shows up through doubt and comparison. Sometimes I get the gentle reminder that I speak from a place of fear instead of empowerment and abundance.

Once I change my lens from fear to faith, my world gets lighter, clearer, easier, and more abundant. Once I live from a place of faith, it lessens my ties to this world. Just like a camino, taking only that which is necessary.

In Peter's verse today, he talks about the small-minded fear that is based in this world; fear of what people think of you; fear of failure; fear of the unknown. What would happen if we changed the word fear into faith? It wouldn't matter what people think of you because your faith is in what God thinks of you; fear of failure wouldn't exist because every experience builds for your good; and fear of the unknown wouldn't exist because our God is all-knowing so there is no unknown as far as God is concerned.

May we live this day in faith, not fear, because our faith is in God, who is all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing. Let's let God take control of our lives today. Thank you, Lord!

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