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March 20

Ephesians: Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine,

Ain't that the truth? I've found that the more I surrender to God/Spirit within me the more abundantly I live. If I spend even ten minutes every day in meditation, I can tune in to the Divine, where I find unimaginable peace, love, and comfort.

Why then would anyone choose not to find those ten minutes a day? That's the question that reoccurs in my own life. What could be more important? There are times when I haven't had that time for one excuse or another, your choice; you slept in, the dogs needed attention, there's so much to do in a day and there wasn't time, I'll do it tomorrow... The list is infinite.

Just writing this, I feel more disciplined to stick with the practice of spending at least minutes in meditation/prayer and being enveloped with the Divine.

On this vernal equinox when day and night are of equal length, when we can balance an egg, may we find that balance within our own lives, and dance the dance of abundance.

March 20

Mark: and the crowd came together again, so that they could not even eat.

Luke: added to them all by shutting up John in prison.

John: For all who do evil hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed.

Acts: so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Messiah appointed for you, that is, Jesus,

Romans: For “no human being will be justified in his sight” by deeds prescribed by the law, for through the law comes the knowledge of sin.

1 Corinthians: and again, “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.”

Galatians: Now a mediator involves more than one party; but God is one.

Ephesians: Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine,

Philippians: But our citizenship is in heaven, and it is from there that we are expecting a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Colossians: Children, obey your parents in everything, for this is your acceptable duty in the Lord.

1 Peter: who in former times did not obey, when God waited patiently in the days of Noah, during the building of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were saved through water.

1 John: whenever our hearts condemn us; for God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

Revelation: Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you and eat with you, and you with me.

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