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Friday, March 10 (3:10)

James: From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this ought not to be so.

This reminds me of forgiveness. If someone has wronged you and you are still angry, you have not forgiven because it is impossible for anger and forgiveness to hold the same space.

The verse from St. James seems similar in that blessing and cursing cannot hold the same space either. Even today, I had a great day and felt like I was sending blessings. Later, I tried to sell something on a marketplace website, and someone scammed me and then tried to do it twice more. Do you send blessings or cursing?

First, I asked God to protect me and my information, and then I was abrupt in further communication, but not before I told them I thought they were a scammer and then blocked them. As I typed this, I sent a little prayer asking God to bless them so they no longer have to scam.

May this day, we send more blessings than curses and may we not be tested.

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