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April 28, Galatians 4:28

Galatians: Now you, my friends, are children of the promise, like Isaac.

That is good news indeed. We are blessed.

Today is my favorite (and only) brother's birthday. He is the only male sibling and, in many ways, the golden child. My parents raised us so we all felt we were their favorites, but being the only male, it seemed that perhaps he had an extra blessing, at least, it seemed that way when we were younger.

As far as brothers go, he is the best! Growing up, we were close, and even then, I felt he was a blessing.

He gave me noogies every opportunity chance he could. We had pillow fights, ate tv/frozen dinners on Friday nights, and watched Saturday morning cartoons. We slept on the tramp on summer nights, built snow forts, rolled up the rug in the playroom, and played hockey with a plastic puck. We played ping pong while our Jack Russell terrier chased the ball beneath the table. We played knee football in the hallway until we broke a picture. He taught me how to slide down the banister, shoot a bb gun, and not throw like a girl. We hunted for golf balls near the ditch at the end of the road and tied flies for fly fishing.

He tried teaching me how to ride a skateboard, how to whistle using my fingers, and how to rid myself of my Chicago accent. He wasn't as successful with those lessons.

Today's verse not only brings to mind my brother and what a blessing he is in my life, but that we all are blessings. We are all God's gifts, imbued with God's gifts, to be gifts/blessings to others.

Today, may we realize that we are children of God, put on this earth to be blessings to others.

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